Case Study: GSM Work With Premium Sound Company

GSM Graphic Arts have manufactured a whole host of products for the audio, visual and lighting industry over the years, for companies across Europe. We understand just how important it is for any product used within this sector to have visual appeal, so we always work tirelessly to provide solutions to match our client’s exact requirements in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal.Read on to find out how we have continually worked with this company over the last 10 years, continually refining our offering to best suit their requirements.


The Brief

A company who has manufactured consumer speakers since the early 1990s approached GSM Graphic Arts over 10 years ago as they were looking for a quality supplier to work with over the coming years.

Their main goal was to continue manufacturing unrivalled high-quality speakers for their customers, and they required a company that could make high-spec back panels for all of their products. The company has always taken great pride in providing unrivalled quality speakers, and the experts at GSM Graphic Arts were confident they could manufacture products of a suitable quality.

With GSM Graphic Arts’ extensive history of manufacturing back panels for speakers and amps companies over the last 4 decades, we were perfectly positioned to take on the required work. We understood the client’s brief and knew that we would need to utilise the highest-quality materials to fully meet the requirements of our client.

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The Solution

In order to manufacture products of a high-quality, we worked closely with the client to ensure that they were happy with the choice of material and finish they would receive for their speakers. It was agreed that we should manufacture back panels using 2mm thick polished stainless steel, which included studs and holes.

This particular solution to our client’s requirements did come with its issues though, as the manufacturing process of creating and punching holes through the high-specification material could result in the polished stainless steel finish being easily marked during production. This caused two issues, our internal quality department would reject almost all of the panels as they were not up to standard, and our client expected panels of the very highest-order, in line with the rest of their product.

After realising this could be a recurring issue, our experts reviewed the manufacturing method we were currently utilising, along with the material used in a bid to create panels of the same quality with a significantly lesser lead time. We were also conscious about continuing to ensure that an economic solution was provided to our client, and with that in mind we found a suitable workaround. Our in house engineers found that by using a different material and adding a front panel in bright aluminium to create a 2mm panel significantly reduced the number of products that were scratched.

We also took a different approach when it came to printing too, as in our initial manufacturing runs we were screen printing onto the surface of the stainless steel back panels; but now that we were using an aluminium material we could utilise a laser marking process on the panels to create detail that would be extremely difficult to remove, and would generally last for a longer period of time.

Over the last 10 years, GSM Graphic Arts have been providing a whole host of products to the company, helping to ensure that each and every speaker is of the quality their customers have come to expect. We regularly create logo badges and speaker back panels for their products, among other products on an ad hoc basis.

Thanks to our experts’ ingenuity and persistence, we have managed to provide high-quality products on a consistent basis to our client, at an affordable price. We look forward to many more years of working alongside our client, continuing to provide products of the very highest-quality!

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