Customised Fascia Labels

Customised Fascia Labels

Fascia labels create consumers first impressions of your brand, product and company as a whole, therefore it is important to ensure that it is well represented and supported.

If your company selling point is that you offer a quality product it is important to use a fascia label that demonstrates this. By choosing a robust material for your fascia label it demonstrates to the customer that the product is hard-wearing, durable and there to stand the test of time therefore creating a robust and quality image of the product.

In the medical and catering & refrigeration industries it is essential to ensure that the fascia labels are manufactured with the hygiene levels required in mind. With our 40 years manufacturing, GSM can recommend and manufacture durable fascia labels for the use in environments with the upmost hygiene levels.

Although the practicalities and application are the most important thing when deciding on your fascia label it is also important to be certain it stands out from the crowd and has a visually pleasing appearance to attract attention and generate interest and sales of your product. GSM can re-create photographic imagery with the finest of detail when printing onto fascia labels and this can in turn produce detailed logos and branding.

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