Digital vs Screen Printed Labels

Digital vs Screen Printed Labels

Many times we get asked which method is the most versatile, most efficient and overall best to use when printing metal and plastic labels, nameplates and fascias.

GSM Graphic Arts use both digital and screen printing methods to manufacture bespoke labels and nameplates and this raises the question, which is best?

Screen printing labels and fascias ensures that we can achieve sharp and vibrant colours that will give your labels the ‘wow’ factor. Using our in-house CTS systems we create the screen before printing and using this computer to screen technology provides ultimate accuracy. This then generates high quality printing and is generally used when printing high volume plates and plastic or metal fascia panels.

Digitally printed labels have the ability to replicate photographic imagery with high definition. Digital printing is more efficient for multi-prints as the machines can be programmed to print several different variants at any one time. This also makes QR barcode labels and serial plates economical because the printer can make each label on the sheet material different or sequential.

So the answer to which is best is…neither! Both are as good as the other and the recommended method will depend upon your requirement and application. To discuss the screen printing or digitally printed labels further, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to speak with our technical sales team.