Exploring GSM Graphic Arts’ Cutting-Edge Technology

At GSM Graphic Arts, we seamlessly blend our expansive industry knowledge with the latest cutting-edge technology. Our skilful adoption of innovative technologies sets us apart, empowering us to deliver consistent excellence for our customers across many sectors. Our processes are continually updated and improved to ensure they always underpin our reliability, equipping us to outperform expectations at every turn. Read more about our label and nameplate technology and processes.

Our Range of Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Digital Printing

Under surface digitally printed labels afford flexibility in customisation and cost-effectiveness for smaller orders. Our technology eliminates steps required by conventional printing, enabling rapid turnaround times and enhanced quality control. We swiftly produce labels, decals and more, ensuring every deliverable meets your precise specifications. Digital printing serves a broad range of sectors, providing solutions that consistently surpass expectations.

Advanced technology paves the way for efficiency, quality, and speed. Digital printing, for instance, accelerates turnaround times, augments colour accuracy, and permits cost-effectiveness. Moreover, it improves customisation capability in aspects of complex design implementation and short-run production.


Anodising enhances aluminium products’ durability and aesthetics. We achieve this by chemically converting the surface into a layer of aluminium oxide, a robust, corrosion-resistant material. Clients gain the benefit of longer-lasting products while elevating appearance through colouring or logos. This process proves instrumental across numerous sectors, including aerospace, military, and medical industries.

Stainless Steel Etching

Our stainless steel etching technique elevates product appearance and lifespan. We apply a photo-sensitive resist to the metal, which is then developed, revealing the desired design. This approach paves the way for intricate patterns and precise detailing.

An accurate, repeatable process, stainless steel chemical etching is suitable for components that require a durable, precise finish. The process does not place mechanical stress on the material. Etching proves invaluable to various industries, including transportation, medical, and consumer electronics sectors, creating products that resist wear and tear while presenting a high quality finish.

metal laser etched label

Laser Marking and Engraving

Laser marking and engraving technology leverage heat to alter a material’s surface, achieving permanent identification. This technique excels across numerous materials and industries, from aerospace to automotive and from consumer goods to medical equipment. Our laser systems ensure concise, intricate, and lasting markings, instrumental for traceability, branding, and instructions.

In the world of label and nameplate printing, technology adoption offers competitive differentiation. It optimises production processes, promotes quality improvements, and powers versatility in material handling.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing involves applying ink through a porous mesh screen onto the substrate. We construct the screen using a photo-sensitive emulsion, blocking areas not intended for print. This process creates sharp, high-quality prints while ensuring durability and long life. Our silkscreen printing services cater to a myriad of industries, producing labels, nameplates and overlays that withstand daily wear and harsh conditions.

Sustainable Technology and Practices at GSM Graphic Arts

Whilst we consistently improve our manufacturing processes to meet the highest standards, we have invested heavily in other areas of our business to ensure a comprehensive advancement in all areas.

Our commitment to sustainability as UK-based label manufacturers is not merely a business model – it’s a way of life. Over the years, we’ve successfully launched several initiatives that embody our dedication to reducing our environmental impact and further improving the results of our cutting-edge processes. Here are some examples of our successes related to our processes.

Zero Landfill Since 2011

Since 2011, we are proud to have maintained a zero landfill status, thanks in large part to our sustainable label manufacturing processes. This achievement shows our unwavering dedication to reducing waste across our entire supply chain, driving us to invest in responsible waste disposal and recycling methods.

Recycling of All Raw Material and Chemical Waste

Just as important as reducing waste is disposing of it properly. We’re committed to recycling all raw materials from our nameplate manufacturing, as well as chemical waste from our silkscreen printing process, using ecologically safe practices.

Waste Process Heat Reuse

In our pursuit of sustainability, no resource goes wasted, including the process heat generated by our facility. In the colder winter months, we reuse this excess heat to warm our factory, providing a comfortable work environment for our team.

5251-Grade Aluminium Nameplates

In material selection, we’ve opted for the resilient 5251-grade aluminium that contains 88% recycled content and is fully recyclable. This choice not only enhances durability but also reduces the need for virgin materials and decreases the environmental impact tied to mining and manufacturing.

UK Label Suppliers

For businesses like ours, investing in cutting-edge technology isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Continuous technology upgrading is obligatory in shaping adaptability to navigate a dynamic landscape.

We continually hone our manufacturing processes, maximising advancements to create innovative solutions. Our services cater to the ever-evolving needs of our clients, supporting diverse sectors as they strive for excellence.

Trust in GSM Graphic Arts to provide cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading manufacturing practices, forging ahead as your partner in the modern market landscape. Contact us to discuss the needs of your next project.