GSM meets fast delivery requirements

GSM meets fast delivery requirements

When a company approaches GSM with a quick delivery requirement we will always try to help however, some factors of the manufacture cannot be rushed or compromised, so we can offer alternatives to meet the dead-line.

A local commercial laundry equipment provider recently approached us to manufacture a new logo badge to brand their products. The requirement was for a professional, 3D badge to raise the profile of their new range of machines. From our range of processes they chose an embossed aluminium badge with a matt silver background and bright silver embossed text. However the company needed the badges for their product launch which was in just 2 weeks time.

The Embossed aluminium labels are manufactured using a tool to form the aluminium to achieve the raised detail which can be lettering or a logo and such tools are uniquely made and the process cannot be rushed. Therefore GSM was keen to offer an interim logo badge so the customer could meet their commitments.

To this end we offered a laser cut and etched bright annealed stainless steel badge that mirrored the embossed aluminium badge in appearance but without the raised detail.

The customer was thrilled with these interim badge samples and their product launch went ahead as planned. GSM delivered the actual embossed aluminium labels in time for the first products to be shipped.

At GSM we will always endeavor to meet your needs however sometimes it is just not possible so rather than let you down we will strive to deliver a solution or interim part.

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