GSM Online Label Sales

GSM Online Label Sales

GSM launches a new website, GSM Online Label Sales, offering a new and convenient way of buying your product labels, warning signs, asset tags and laser marking blanks online.

On GSM Online Label Sales we have a selection of standard Product Labels which you can customise with your own company name, telephone number and website, offering a quick and easy way to order your labels.

With ongoing changes to labelling requirements more companies are finding that they need to mark their labels in house with Date of Manufacture and other unique ID. Therefore GSM Online Label Sales offers a range of in-house label marking blanks, either stainless steel or anodised aluminium, perfect for laser marking, dot peening or engraving.

Pre-serialised Asset tags and labels will ensure that you can keep track of your assets. These are available as anodised aluminium and printed vinyl labels which can be customised with you company details. Self-adhesive or fixing holes can be selected to suit your requirement.

Warning labels and Signs are offered as self-adhesive vinyl, foamex and aluminium to ensure that you can select the most suitable type for your particular application. These come in a selection of artworks and sizes.

Please take a look on for more information about the comprehensive range of labels and nameplates on offer to buy online.