GSM Produces Rugged Aluminium Barcode Labels

GSM Produces Rugged Aluminium Barcode Labels

GSM Graphic Arts was recently approached by one of the UK’s largest retailers. They required durable rugged barcodes for installation on the conveyor systems handling millions of product transactions within their warehouses.

After discussing the various rugged barcode label options available it was agreed that a digitally printed aluminium label with a unique barcode offered the best solution as the barcode itself would be digitally printed, anodised and sealed within the surface of the aluminium, providing a hard wearing, scratch resistant surface.

The labels were specified with holes for a mechanical fixing, as an alternative to the wide range of adhesives available, to ensure that they were extremely difficult to remove after installation.

Following the success of the initial supply of labels by GSM the project has now been extended to produce labels for other warehouses within the retail groups online-sales distribution network.

In addition to our digitally printed aluminium barcode labels GSM Graphic Arts can also manufacture barcode solutions in stainless steel and various plastic substrates to ensure that we offer the most suitable solution for your barcoding requirement.

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