GSM runs a Vendor Managed Inventory supply system

GSM runs a Vendor Managed Inventory supply system

GSM was approached by an existing customer requesting that we work with them in setting up a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) supply system, required to ensure flexibility in responding to frequent changes in their production schedules at short notice.

GSM now holds a pre-agreed stock quantity of the customer’s labels at our manufacturing site in Thirsk. These are packaged in set quantities and clearly labelled with a 2D barcode containing the customer part number, stock code, manufacture batch no. and quantity.

The VMI system is updated when the parts are booked out from our customer’s stores and the 2D barcode is scanned , this triggers an email to GSM requesting delivery of a new pack of labels. A new shipment is then sent via overnight carrier to replenish our customer’s stock at their factory. The pack is then scanned upon receipt, the customers’ stock quantity is updated and the delivery is cleared for payment. No paperwork is required.

Having successfully operated the VMI system for several months now GSM has ensured a continued supply of specialist labels directly to our customer’s production line within 24 hours of their request. This has enabled our customer to meet their changing production requirements without the need for them to hold large stocks of labels.

VMI is one of a number of ways in which GSM works with our customers to meet their delivery requirements, call a member of our sales team now on +44(0)1845 522184 to discuss how GSM can help to streamline your label supply.