GSM’s Commitment to the Professional Development of our Team

GSM’s Commitment to the Professional Development of our Team

At GSM Graphic Arts we are committed to ensuring our employees reach their full potential and we encourage them to strive to achieve greatness.

Several of our current team members started their careers with GSM Graphic Arts from school and have gone on to take on senior management roles within the company. They have been given extensive training and development within their roles and now take responsibility for the running of the GSM on a daily basis.

A more recent example of our employees striving to progress their professional career is one of our Digital Printers, Tim Dale.

Joining GSM Graphic Arts as a Trainee Screen Printer, Tim made clear his vision and drive to progress and develop his career at GSM. Once qualified as a screen printer there was an opportunity for Tim to develop and grow his knowledge within our digital printing suite. A typical day Tim faces as a Digital Printer is to receive and organise works orders into priority and date order, placing into the machine dockets. It is essential that Tim maximises machine output and therefore his objective is to stagger the start point of each machine to achieve minimal downtime on each.

In readiness for furthering his career with GSM Graphic Arts, Tim has successfully completed Level 3 CMI in Management and Strategy course, training that was fully funded by GSM Graphic Arts. At present his career path is working towards being Assistant Production Manager but who knows where Tim will work within GSM in the future.

At GSM Graphic Arts we understand that your career is a journey and we are privileged that we get to be a part of our employees career progression journey’s.