GSM’s Comprehensive Range of Rugged Barcodes

GSM’s Comprehensive Range of Rugged Barcodes

GSM now offers a comprehensive range of Rugged Barcode label processes to suit a wide range of requirements including Military, Warehousing and Industrial applications.

Our anodised aluminium Rugged Barcode nameplates are digitally printed and sealed into the grain of the aluminium to provide a hard-wearing solvent resistant finish suitable for Asset Management, Warehousing and Logistics applications.

We can incorporate a 2D rugged barcode on the anodised aluminium Rugged Barcode labels and produce to MIL-STD-130 as required for Military applications.

Anodised rugged barcode labels can be manufactured in various thicknesses of aluminium from 0.3mm through to 2mm and these can be supplied with either a self-adhesive backing or fixing holes to meet your specification.

GSM also offers etched stainless steel barcode nameplates using a refined chemical etching process which are suitable for high temperature applications of up to 800’C with no detrimental effect on the ability to scan the code after cooling.

Fibre Laser Marking offers another option for low volume rugged barcode labels. With this option we can mark either linear or 2D barcodes into the surface of stainless steel or pre-anodised aluminium providing durable barcodes suitable for environments typical in the Oil & Gas Industry.

GSM offers a full range of rugged barcode solutions and can also supply the hardware for scanning and data collection as required. Contact our Sales Team on +44(0)1845 522184 to discuss your rugged barcode requirements in more detail or click here to request a quotation.