How To Choose the Correct Materials for Your Product Labels?

How To Choose the Correct Materials for Your Product Labels?

GSM Graphic Arts has been a manufacturer of product labels for nearly 5 decades. We pride ourselves on the durability, functionality and versatility that we can achieve when printing, etching or marking labels.

Which companies require product labels?

Any company that manufactures a product, that is to be operated by a user, will need a product overlay of some sort. This is to instruct the user, which in turn protects them from incorrect practice whilst controlling the product. This also will ensure that liability to the manufacturer is limited should a user or operator complain.

Although some products may only require a simple (one command/control) label others may need to include multiple control buttons and/or cut-outs. GSM Graphic Arts can help with the design of these so they remain aesthetically pleasing but also include all of the important functionality.

If you have a standard product with holes/cut-outs in the same positions we can look to use a tool for the larger quantities produced however if your overlays all needs to be different or bespoke we can look to laser cut the printed material.

Plastic Label

What value can they add to your product?

They support a products instruction manual as it houses the most important detail from the manual. All diagrams in the manual have been carefully designed to support the user operating the product and so has the product’s label.

This label (in most cases) is the face of your product and therefore must be eye catching and also aesthetically pleasing. It should include your logo so users can contact you should they need to. More importantly, the label needs to house clear instructions for functional buttons or controls that may be included as the product label is responsible for the successful operation of the product.

Using digital printing contributes to the aesthetics we can include photographic imagery along with any serial/sequential numbers.

What material to choose for your product?

As with all labels, nameplates and fascias that we manufacture, the material we use is completely dependent upon your bespoke applications and specifications. For example, a single use product will not require an extremely durable label because it is not going to be used for long periods of time however a product that is used outside, every day, for years will require a material that is durable to withstand that.

At GSM Graphic Arts we have over 45 years’ experience working with a variety of materials to ensure that they suit a multitude of environments. We have a range of substrates that we use to manufacture plastic and metal labels and dependant on the level of durability, purpose and content of the label we determine which material is the best suited to your needs.

Although material plays a big part in the manufacture of a durable product, it is also down to the manufacturing processes that can make the finished product a really hard-wearing piece.

Aluminium Panel

GSM Graphic Arts have over four decades experience manufacturing product labels and use the best materials and manufacturing methods for your bespoke specifications.

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