How to make a Quality Label

Over the years GSM Graphic Arts has continued to invest and improve the quality of the labels we manufacture.

Our quality process begins with our sales team who ensure that the technical specifications of the drawings submitted are reflected in their proposed quotation. For us, it is essential that we plan the correct path for the label, nameplate or graphic overlay through our manufacturing facility prior to submitting pricing to our customer so that there is little room for error once manufacturing commences. The quotation you receive from our sales team member will be the option for the most economical method for your label based on your specification.

Material Purchase
Whilst we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, this would not be possible without our purchasing team who research companies to supply GSM and build great relationships with them. They are responsible for sourcing high quality material that is suitable for our manufacturing methods whether that involves printing, etching, anodising or another process, our purchasing team will ensure correct material is ordered and is of high standard.

Quality Policy & Factory Training
All employees at GSM Graphic Arts undergo extensive quality training that is in line with our policy. The quality policy outlines the approach we take towards quality and has been signed off by our CEO. The factory training is extensive for all employees to ensure that manufacturing processes are fully understood from the factory to the office and studio.

Machinery & Tools
It’s one thing having a fantastically trained team however if they do not have sufficient machinery and tools it would not be effective. Therefore, GSM Graphic Arts has heavily invested in the latest technologies to ensure our team are supported and can be as efficient as possible. An example of this is the specialist dryers that were installed in the print department that are able to cure, dry and bake the printed detail or lacquer, saving time.

Although investment into new machinery and tools is important it is also imperative that we look after the equipment that we have which is why we have a dedicated maintenance team on site who are highly trained to ensure our machines and tools keep running efficiently.

The Quality Team
All of these processes and procedures we follow would not be in place without our outstanding quality team who implement and monitor all areas of the manufacturing process to ensure we deliver quality products.

So, how do you make a quality label…Have a fantastic team!