Industrial Warning Labels

Industrial Warning Labels

With more legislations and procedures to follow regarding health and safety than ever before it is essential as companies to protect ourselves by using the required signage to avoid any slips, trips or accidents.

Warning labels are there to be eye catching and prevent accidents. Due to our experienced screen and digital printing teams we are able to accurately under surface print warning labels specifically designed by you. Under surface printing the plastic warning labels ensures a durable and hard wearing finish to give you confidence that the labels will be bright and bold for years to come.

Location labels also need to be eye catching and bold to ensure the right people and/or products end up in the right place. Location labels ensure the effective and efficient running of your business on a day to day basis. Along with under surface screen printed labels, GSM can also offer digitally printed anodised aluminium labels and location boards. Because we are able to digitally print we can print location maps as well as the signs.

Some industries need more warning and safety labels than others for example, Warehousing & Logistics and Outdoor Products can require many Health and Safety signs. GSM manufactures bespoke labels so we can produce a sufficient warning label for any industry.
Although Warning and Health & Safety Labels are essential and serve a very important purpose, we can benefit from them. By adding your logo to the warning label you can be sure that whilst the label is serving its purpose, the user can see who supplied the product.

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