Marine Grade Labels

Marine Grade Labels

At GSM Graphic Arts we work with durable 316 stainless steel that is used widely within the marine industry.

There is various applications in which the labels may be used and therefore we offer various manufacturing methods perfected throughout over 40 years of manufacturing.

One way we can manufacture marine grade nameplates and labels is by chemically etching away the detail. This involves screen printing a chemical resist to areas of the stainless steel to protect them from the acidic solution it will then be submerged into. Once the acid has ‘attacked’ the resist free areas the stainless steel nameplates is then cleaned before we punch the label to size and add holes and/or corners.

Should a colour be required on the 316 stainless steel we can infill the chemical etching with a durable enamel paint to provide a bright and bold label that will draw attention.

On occasion we are asked to produce marine grade labels that house variable information such as a barcode or serial number. GSM Graphic Arts has the capability to fibre laser mark detail onto the stainless steel label and due to the computerised nature of the machine can produce variable information.

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