NEW Rugged Barcode Range

NEW Rugged Barcode Range

Rugged barcodes are not new to us, we have years of experience and can offer plenty of advice which is why we have produced our GSM pack to showcase that.

In its simplest form a barcode is a method of identification. Originally used to identify a stock item’s price and description, we can now use barcodes for many different purposes and GSM explores and creates new ways for rugged barcodes to be suitable for use almost everywhere.

Rugged barcodes are commonly used in some of the harshest environments to enable identification. GSM has worked with companies who require rugged barcodes to enable them to broaden their use of both linear and 2D barcodes as the latest method of unique identification. Now into our 5th decade of manufacturing labels, GSM has developed a specific range of rugged barcodes suitable for a wide range of applications including the Hire Industry, Asset Management and Logistics as well as the Oil & Gas and Heavy Engineering Industries.

We can offer double sided digitally printed anodised aluminium tags complete with a ball chain to attach to the product, which are particularly suitable for logging keys for plant and equipment or power tools etc. Anodising the aluminium seals the digitally printed detail under the surface of the aluminium for ultimate readable durability. Using a ball chain or cable tie means that the barcode tag can be attached to items which self-adhesive or rivets would not be feasible.

GSM’s ability to digitally print the anodic inks enables us to reproduce linear barcodes and 2D data matrix codes as well as QR codes all of which are sealed within an anodic layer into the surface of the aluminium. A standard linear barcode will link a code back to a database to identify an item whereas a data matrix code will give all the required information for example; serial numbers, manufacturers code etc. without the need to refer to a database. QR codes are a useful Marketing tool providing a link to your website or even a pdf copy of the Operating Handbook.

As in both of these examples, anodised aluminium can be used for a very wide range of applications including; Military, Instrumentation and Asset Management. GSM are capable of printing QR barcode labels to MIL-STD-130 which is a requirement of the MOD.

Also present in our comprehensive range are under-surface digitally printed polycarbonate rugged barcode labels. These highlight how unique colour and logo branding can be incorporated into the functional rugged barcode label. Due to the confidence and research of our adhesives we are able to offer a solution that will attach to almost any material. Under-surface printing the rugged barcode labels ensures a scratch resistant benefit to the barcode and ensure easy reading when scanning.

Through extensive research about what our customers want from a rugged barcode, GSM has produced a sample pack based on these requirements. Click here to request your free sample pack or alternatively call +(0) 1845 522184 to discuss your rugged barcode requirement with a member of our Technical Sales Team.

At GSM we never shy away from a challenge so please get in touch and see if we can help with your rugged barcode specification.