Plastic Warning Labels VS Metal Warning Labels

Plastic Warning Labels VS Metal Warning Labels

Warning Labels are EVERYWHERE and in all different shapes and sizes. Over the decades, GSM Graphic Arts have seen (and manufactured) them all.

From stainless steel warning labels that have been chemically etched and infilled with paint to vinyl warning labels that have been digitally printed and cut to size; GSM has tried and tested production methods to produce them all.

Metal warning labels are produced as either etched & filled stainless steel or anodised aluminium both proving to be durable and reliable labels in many industries including; Oil & GasAerospace and Plant industries due to the bright printing that is achieved on them.

Plastic labels are also an excellent option for use as warning labels because they are manufactured to bespoke specifications depending on the application. We can under-surface print onto both polyester and polycarbonate to produce a durable and hard wearing plastic warning label suitable for use within the medical, environmental and warehousing markets.

Both metal and plastic warning labels are a sensible choice for warning labels it just depends on your bespoke requirement and application as to which one is right for you.

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