Providing branding for the security & surveillance industry

Providing branding for the security & surveillance industry

Graphic Arts, part of the GSM Group of companies, has been supplying the security and surveillance market with labels for over 40 years. In those 40 years we have seen security and surveillance evolve rapidly.

Today, the market is huge and is always growing bigger as the demand for people to be safe is heightened. In the residential security & surveillance market there are door bells that link via video call to the home owner’s mobile telephone so as to deter thieves. And then there’s equipment that lets pet owners see their pet via a live steaming camera. In the workplace there is new technology that allows employees to sign in to work via their finger print. It could be said that we have gone security mad however at GSM we embrace these new technological advances.

Labels needed by this market have evolved from stamped asset tags to responsive touch screen graphic overlays. GSM has continued to develop our products and expand our processes through research and development to provide companies with such security labels.

We continue to manufacture metal asset tags that can be stamped or pre-printed with your bespoke serial numbers. We also produce these as digitally printed plastic security labels. Should your product require a responsive touch screen graphic overlay to house your logo we can digitally or screen print your desired layout laser cutting any further detail and screen printing adhesive so as not to obstruct any window areas.

To speak to us about your metal asset tags, stamped serial labels or general security labels please call +44 (0) 1845 522184 or click here to request a brochure.