Security Labels

Security Labels

Our bespoke range of security labels and tags are used widely amongst industries due to their versatility and suitability.

Security labels are predominantly used to put your company name onto a product to prevent theft or loss however at GSM we can also incorporate a barcode and/or serial number so it can also act as an asset label.

Through our capability to digitally print onto both metal and plastic, GSM can print serial numbers and barcodes onto your security label with ease along with your logo and company details. We can sub-surface print on plastic and back with adhesive so that the security labels printed information cannot be tampered with as it is protected by the material which also enables the labels to be used on outdoor equipment.

Anodised aluminium is also a very durable method for manufacturing the security labels as the ink is sealed beneath the anodic layer of the aluminium protecting it from scratches and elements that may lead to its destruction. We can produce these with adhesive or fixing holes to suit your requirement and so that it is extremely difficult for the label to be removed.

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