Step Into Christmas…

Step Into Christmas…

With GSM Graphic Arts and celebrate the year by requesting one of our Anodised Aluminium Calendar Coasters.

GSM Graphic Arts is finishing the year having celebrated our 45th year in manufacturing as the Label, Nameplate and Fascia Specialist. Over 45 years manufacturing has changed and evolved and GSM Graphic Arts has been at the forefront to introduce some of the biggest technological advances throughout the years including digital printing into anodised aluminium and automated digital printing onto screen technology. This 45th anniversary has been no exception as continued investment has been made into our screen printing technology and also employees have taken on training to further their expertise.

This time of year brings the release of our anodised aluminium, digitally printed calendar coaster. Digital printing into anodised aluminium is a process whereby we electrically charge the aluminium to open the pores which we then use our digital printers to print into the open pores before sealing the detail to provide a robust and hard-wearing finish to the label.

Digital printing enables us to be able to reproduce photographic imagery which is demonstrated on our coaster through the images of our samples. It also enables the printing of variable information and barcodes on the aluminium labels which provide companies with bespoke information on each label so that they can then use the information to record data or use as asset control or even scan with a barcode scanner.

To receive your 2020 Anodised aluminium calendar coaster, please click here to contact us.

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