The Purpose of Graphic Overlays

The Purpose of Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays not only provide an extra layer of protection for the device underneath, but they also add a degree of professionalism to the final product. Different situations will require suitably designed overlays to keep up with the demands of the application and environment; designing graphic overlays for use in space travel would require the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and even UV rays. The chances are that you won’t be manufacturing products for use in outer space, but this article can talk you through the earthly reasons for wanting to invest in professional graphic overlays.

Custom Controls

The main reason the vast majority of customers choose to purchase a graphic overlay is to be able to convey important information with speed and clarity, which is especially important on controls if you want to avoid backlash from users who have misunderstood and caused errors.

This means that the creation of a graphic overlay isn’t simply about the materials used in the process – important as they are – but it is also about the effort that goes into the design process. We will ensure that all the necessary information is displayed in a concise, clear manner, which includes discussing as how particular areas should be divided through colour or finishes to distinguish alternate uses as well as details like how large your company logo should appear in the space available.

Industrial Use

Graphic overlays in industrial situations are very important because mistakes made as a result of imprecise communication on the overlay can lead to great losses in extreme situations. It is always important for companies to sufficiently train their staff so that they are confident in using their machinery, but it is also the responsibility of a graphic overlay designer to ensure that this process is as smooth and easy to understand as possible.

An industrial overlay may need to withstand heavy use or chemical interaction. In this case, you should tell us when you place your order so that we can design your overlay with resistant materials that match your needs.

Medical and Research

Our overlays are made to be easy to clean, which benefits medical situations by making it easier to reduce the spread of bad bacteria on places that frequently come into contact with human hands. It is even possible to craft an overlay from anti-microbial materials which can stop the spread of bacteria on the overlay between cleans. This means that one purpose of a graphic overlay can be to reduce the spread of illness and bacteria.


Overlays which regularly come into contact with saltwater need to be approached differently than in any other industry. These overlays need to be prepared for extremely harsh environments which is why we offer etched nameplates. These steel plates are permanently marked so your design will last for years to come. We can also manufacture domed badges & polycarbonate labels for underwater use.


For some companies and industries, branding is an important part of creating a strong identity which encourages loyalty from staff. For this reason, our customisable graphic overlays can be very rewarding for companies looking to increase their visibility and strengthen their identities. We can help you to design an overlay that succeeds in displaying the relevant information as well as your brand’s logo.

There are plenty of options for extra levels of customisation such as the type of finish that you desire, be that matt or gloss , as well as the kinds of inks used in the creation like shiny chrome and metallic which can really raise the perceived value of your product.

We have had a lot of experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering excellent overlays to suit a range of different environments and purposes, so don’t be afraid to let us handle your request, no matter how detailed it may be. We can use a range of techniques from laser marking and engraving, digital printing, and even anodising processes for metallic surfaces. Trust us to handle your next request for graphic overlays and you won’t be disappointed.