Top Signs You Need New Nameplates For Your Products

Top Signs You Need New Nameplates For Your Products

Nameplates are essential to many businesses across every industry. They are necessary for providing information that is crucial for branding and provides customers with vital information about the product. As your company changes and progresses, you will likely need to update your nameplates to keep pace with any updates. Here’s a look at nameplates and all the signs that let you know it’s time for some new ones.

etched stainless steel nameplateWhat are Nameplates?

A nameplate is used to identify and display information on products or equipment for a whole range of purposes, such as displaying a company name, logo, or key messages to consumers. Their primary function is to provide information or to be used for commercial purposes and are typically mounted to the product or equipment in question.

Why You Should Update Nameplates

If your company has undergone any significant changes, it is time to upgrade those nameplates to reflect these changes. If any of the following has happened in your company, you should consider a nameplate update:

Changing Logo

Branding consistency is essential to generate business recognition. Everything in your business needs consistent branding, from email signatures to the logo present on your products and packaging. Even if it’s just the tiniest change to the font used in the logo or a slightly different shade of colour used, all aspects of your business should incorporate your new logo to remain consistent and recognisable.

Your nameplates also need to be updated with your brand-new logo. It’s essential that your products carry your official logo for branding purposes. So when you’re in the process of upgrading your logo, make sure you get your new nameplates ordered in time for the brand overhaul so you can stay consistent.

nameplate from gsm graphic artsCompany Merger

If your business is merging with another, then chances are you will be having a significant brand overhaul. Branding will need to be updated to reflect the two companies coming together, and this will likely result in a new logo or possibly a new company name. Whatever the case, take a look at your product range and update your nameplates to reflect the new branding that the merger has brought in.

Competitors Upgrading Branding

To stay on top of the competition, you need to be aware of what they’re doing. If any of your big competitors have updated their branding and are getting a lot more attention, it might be a sign that you need to take a look at your own. Compare your branding to theirs and see if they’re doing anything that you should be doing.

If your competitors are getting ahead thanks to their rebrand, you may find you have no choice but to play catch up. When that happens, make sure your nameplates are updated to reflect your fresh new look.

Changes to Product Line

When your product line alters or expands, you will need to update your labels and nameplates to include any additional features that have been added. Your current nameplates might no longer be suitable for your new products, and you may need a new model, product numbers or additional safety information added to them to keep them up to date.

A new nameplate can also help enhance brand awareness, giving it a fresh look to re-energise the hype around your brand. So before you bring a new product to market or make drastic changes, make sure your nameplates have been upgraded in line with any changes or upgrades.

Nameplates from GSM Graphic Arts

At GSM Graphic Arts, we have been nameplate manufacturers for nearly 50 years. We can provide you with a vast range that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our product nameplates are a one-stop service for the design and production of all your branding requirements.

You can choose from various colours, materials and finishes that will meet any specifications. We use the latest technology and techniques to make a quality product, regardless of whether you need metal or plastic nameplates or labels.

steel nameplateOur anodised aluminium nameplates can be serialised to provide product identity and asset management. With our digital printing, we can create photographic imagery for your nameplates that have a durable and scratch resistant surface. We also have stainless steel nameplates with either a bright annealed or brushed finish that can be etched and infilled with bold colours to match your branding.

The etching can provide you with a nameplate that will remain legible for many years to come, even if the product is for outdoor use.

If you’d like to learn more about the process of manufacturing our nameplates or what we as label manufacturers can offer you and your business, do not hesitate to contact us today with any queries.