Using a Dot Peen Marking Machine to mark your Blank Labels

Using a Dot Peen Marking Machine to mark your Blank Labels

There are several options for marking your blank labels in-house which include hand stamping, dot peening, engraving and laser marking. Hand stamping information onto plates can be very time-consuming, especially if quite a lot of detail is required. Unfortunately, hand stamping detail onto plates is subject to human error, not only for incorrect detail stamped but also for misaligned numbers and letters, leaving the detail looking messy and not uniformed. Engraving and laser machines are generally quite expensive and are usually desk top machines.

What is Dot Peen Marking?

A dot peen marking machine works as a stylus is programmed to move around in x and y directions, which rapidly cause an indented series of dots to a metal surface creating detail that can be determined and advised by the user moments before marking.

The detail marked can include variable information for example; serial number, QR data matrix codes and general text depending on the individual application.

Dot Peen Marking

Benefits of Dot Peen Marking

Using a dot peen marking machine provides permanent and tamperproof detail to a metal plate which makes it a good option for use in environments where the plate may be subjected to industrial cleaning or abrasion. Most dot peen marking machines offer the option to choose the depth of the marking added dependent upon material thickness which is an option that offers peace of mind for the user as their important information will last the test of time. We would recommend a material thickness of 1mm to ensure it does not bend or buckle when peening.

A major advantage to using a dot peen marking machine is that they can be portable and therefore items can be marked in-house or on-site saving time and resources.

Considering the machines are very efficient and the detail that they provide will survive many harsh environments, they are an option that is economical. Compared to other marking machine options they are a lower purchase cost.

Speak to a member of our team about the options available for purchasing a dot peen marking machine for your company.

Laser Mark Blanks

Why not add a little colour?

At GSM Graphic Arts we manufacture bespoke size and shaped stainless steel and anodised aluminium blank labels. Using a dot peen marking machine with natural silver stainless steel or aluminium will reveal a series of dots that leave an indented silver area.

However, dot peen marking can offer a great contrast when used with a bold coloured anodised aluminium blank label. The silver indented dot peen marking compliments the boldly coloured blank. This will create a plate that will stand out and draw attention whilst also housing any detail required.

Call to enquire about your machine

If you would like to discuss your label marking capabilities, please contact our team who can advise the best option for your application.

There is the option for GSM to dot peen mark the labels for you or alternatively you can discuss with our team the options available for purchasing a machine.

As an alterative and if you know the detail required on the plates prior to placing an order, there is the options for us to digitally print variable data onto anodised aluminium or laser mark stainless steel. Get in touch to find out more.