What You Need to Know About Anodising Testing

What You Need to Know About Anodising Testing

Anodising is one of our key processes at GSM Graphic Arts. We’ve been manufacturing anodised labels, panels nameplates, and more, for almost four decades. This process allows us to deliver products that are durable and designed to last a long time.

We’re taking a more in-depth look at our anodising process and why it’s so long-lasting and suitable for a range of applications and sectors.

Anodising at GSM Graphic Arts

This process involved electrically charging aluminium within a sulphuric acid solution, which oxidises and opens the pores of the surface to allow for inks to be printed onto the metal. The aluminium is sealed and the finish is durable and hard-wearing.


Our process line includes five dip tanks as well as load and unload stations. The line has enhanced monitoring and reporting, which offers better process control and quality.

We supply matt or bright anodised finishes and brush the material before the anodising process to get a grain finish, and we also provide a range of material thicknesses from 0.3mm to 2mm. We can also manufacture products with full-colour images, barcodes and unique IDs.

Anodising Testing

To ensure we’re delivering the best anodised products, we perform anodised testing at GSM Graphic Arts. This means the aluminium products you receive have been tested to withstand harsh conditions and are, therefore, suitable for many different applications.

The products undergo several tests, such as:

  • Weathering resistance
  • Salt mist testing
  • Salt spray corrosion accelerated test

When it comes to weathering resistance, we make sure our products have a high degree of UV durability, ensuring our products will last even when exposed to the elements. This refers to both direct and indirect sunlight. Our testing can also reproduce the effects of sunlight through window glass if required.

Our salt spray corrosion accelerated test helps us to investigate the corrosion resistance of materials like aluminium, and whether or not they’re able to withstand conditions like those found in the marine sector or the oil and gas industry. We expose the products to solutions that allow us to detect defects and other issues.

In the example below, the aluminium was clean and free of corrosion and surface degradation after 480 hours.


We understand that you need peace of mind – as well as value for money – when you order products made through anodising, so we can provide test reports upon request.

One of our long standing customers performed their own salt mist testing and confirmed that the digitally printed and anodised aluminium panels lasted 720 hours whilst tested in a 35oC environment with a 5% Nacl (salt) solution. This was carried out on samples produced using our standard anodising process, which passed the test with flying colours.

Speak to us to learn more about our tests or send us a message and we’ll be happy to show our reports and how our materials behave under extreme conditions.

Durability of Anodised Products

When our clients come to us, they expect the very best – anodised aluminium must be designed, manufactured and tested to high standards, as this will ensure the product has a long lifespan and performs as it should.

Anodising testing allows us to be confident in the products we offer at GSM Graphic Arts. For this reason, you can trust that your products will:

  • Last for years
  • Endure prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Be resistant to thermal shock and condensation
  • Be resistant to corrosion
  • Perform well even in rain and dew
  • And much more

We understand just how important it is for labels, nameplates and barcodes to withstand the test of time without damage and to remain legible for years (even under bad weather conditions or in sectors with corrosive environments).

Anodising is an excellent option because it converts the aluminium surface into something that is not just decorative – allowing you to add any colours, text or designs you require – but also durable and resistant to corrosion.


At GSM Graphic Arts, we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have about our anodising process and the testing we do to ensure its quality. Get in touch with us today with details of your project and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.