Which Logo Badge Is Right For Me?

Which Logo Badge Is Right For Me?

Making a decision on which logo badge to purchase for your business is a decision that you can’t take lightly. You will want to purchase the right type of badge based on the application of the product, whilst also keeping things like durability, longevity and cost in mind.

If you have found yourself wondering which badge is right for your business, then you should definitely continue reading, as we have laid out all of the badges suitable for logo branding currently available from our experts here at GSM Graphic Arts, and given a brief overview of each.

Domed Badges

Domed badges are among some of the most popular that we manufacture, and this is mainly down to their ability to be used across several industries. Over our 40 years in business, we have refined our processes to meet all branding requirements when it comes to these badges, and you’ll find that we can print your logo onto many materials with ease. We are capable of digitally printing your logo onto the likes of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel, creating vibrant badges that stand out.

Ideal for the harshest of environments, these badges are covered with a clear, high gloss polyurethane resin, which provides the high-quality and robust bubbled dome effect. Thanks to their durability you’ll find these badges used extensively in the marine, catering and refrigeration, medical and electronics industries.


Embossed Metal Badges

If you are looking for a high-quality, premium badge, then look no further than our range of embossed metal badges. We offer an extensive choice of finishes including polished, brushed, diamond-cut or even coloured logos raised out of a printed background. Although if you are looking for something a little different, we can recess the text with the edges of the aluminium badge to create a raised plinth effect for your badge.

Due to the materials used within the manufacturing process, these badges are an ideal solution for anyone looking for a hard-wearing, 3D badge for their products and branding.

Die Cast Badges

Offering a superior and extremely durable 3D badge solution, die cast badges are more than capable of catching the eye of anyone, placing your logo at centre stage. You’ll find that these badges are generally profiled around the outline of your logo, meaning that the background material is very minimal. If you would prefer a more traditional aesthetic, this can be achieved by having a plinth background and the logo raised or recessed as required.

There’s no denying that die cast badges are ideal for any businesses who are looking to ensure their logo is placed as prominently as possible on the product. So you should definitely consider this option if you want an eye-catching badge.


Injection Moulded Badges

At GSM Graphic Arts, we also provide injection moulded badges for any businesses looking for quality economical 3D badge solutions. By utilising low cost machined aluminium to mould your logo, we can produce stunning badges at a more attractive price point for those looking for an economical solution.

In most cases, we can produce any badge size up to 300 x 200 mm in a regular shape – but we are also capable of profiling the badge to suit your requirements.

Injection Moulded Badges

Printed Metal Labels

By utilising a unique Primodise digital printing technique, we are capable of printing high-resolution images and countless colour combinations into the surface of anodised aluminium which is then sealed to produce a long-lasting printed logo. You’ll find that printed metal labels are scratch, weather, chemical and vandal resistant, and have even been tested to five-years minimum durability in exterior applications: they are an excellent choice for outdoor labels.

If you are in the market for a logo badge that will stand the test of time, even in the harshest of working environments, then a printed metal label could well be for you.

Printed Metal Labels

Aluminium Labels

Aluminium labels are suitable for a whole host of uses including the likes of serial number rating plates, durable rugged barcode labels and, of course, logo badges. The versatility that this product brings has made it a favourite over the years, as it can be used across all industries.

Our in house experts take the time to print text and any logos you require onto the material, and you’ll find that due to using aluminium, the longevity of your chosen text or designs will be guaranteed for years to come. The main benefit of using aluminium for this type of application is its resistance to everyday wear-and-tear.

Aluminium Labels

Still not completely sure which type of badge is right for your business needs? Please do feel free to get in touch with our experts today who will be more than happy to give you some guidance.

If you’d like to speak to an advisor directly, you can call us on 01845 522184, or if you’re pressed for time right now, you can use our quick and easy online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.