Why Buy Bespoke Graphic Fascia Panels

Why Buy Bespoke Graphic Fascia Panels

A graphic overlay is more than just part of your product, it’s an opportunity to increase your branding as well as a factor that will determine the overall quality of your product, so be sure that you don’t skimp out on purchasing a fascia panel that suits your business and product.

Shaping Your Graphic Fascia Panel

The shape of your graphic fascia panels is determined by the mechanical design layout of your product, which could mean that speaking to us early on in your development phase could be beneficial for arranging costs and discussing any limitations which may have to be considered before the end product can be revealed.

While your product will dictate the shape of our fascia panels, we can help you to design the visual artwork that will make up the face of your panel. We have experience in this area so if you are at all unsure about the final look of your fascia panel, consider leaving it to us to create a panel that suits you. We can create professional looking designs that will seamlessly blend with the rest of your product, and we are also quite skilled at conveying all the necessary information for your panel with organisation and clarity.

Visualising Your Graphic Fascia Panel

When constructing a visual design for a bespoke graphic fascia panel, it is vital that we convey the necessary information needed for your product to be understood by the consumer, but it is also important that we construct a design that is aesthetically pleasing both to the eye and to the touch.

For the visual design, we will balance functionality with an eye-catching design, but before all of that, we will discuss and agree on the designs with you. We will never begin printing until we have received your approval. During the design process, we will discuss whether the benefits of control panel overlay printing photographic imagery onto your fascia panels, such as your brand logo, as well as the effect of shading or fading certain colours to achieve your look or style.


Ordering A Prototype

Fascia PanelsWe can laser cut both plastic and metal fascia panels with switch and fixing holes for prototypes to ensure that you can see, check and understand how the final product will look and function before we print your final order in full. This will ensure your satisfaction in the product as well as allowing you to avoid origination charges prior to the production.


Available Extras

Many of our customers choose to emboss the overlay, which means that the buttons and switches will be covered – though not in a way that renders them unusable. Quite the opposite, embossing your overlay will help to draw attention to the switches and buttons below the surface, accentuating their purpose and even making them more accessible should your panel require transparent windows that are also adhesive free. As a bonus, we can also screen print any adhesive – avoiding any necessary window areas – to encourage a clean and efficient application.

If you aren’t yet sold on our designing process, or still have questions pertaining to our product, please contact us for some expert advice from our lovely team. We also have experience in specialised labels in a variety of mediums, including metal, anodised and polyester.