3D Scripted Domed Badges

3D Scripted Domed Badges

As part of our comprehensive range of 3D logo badge options GSM offers Scripted Domed Badges. A high quality option suitable for low volume product branding requirements.

Our scripted domed badges are produced by printing onto a self-adhesive vinyl or polyester and cutting the profile. The scrap material is then removed and a polyurethene liquid resin applied to the cut substrate. This resin flows to the edges where it stops and surface tension creates the dome effect.

When the resin is cured an application tape is applied to the front face of the resin domed badge in order to keep the logo pre-spaced. Upon application the adhesive release paper is removed and the logo badge is held on the application tape, the logo positioned and the application tape removed leaving a pre-spaced 3D label.

The scripted domed badges offer an alternative to our 3D resin domed badges which provide a cost effective product branding solution.

These badges have been used on a number of applications including horse boxes, commercial refrigerators and lawn mowers so are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

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