Domed Badges and Domed Labels

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Domed Badges and Domed Labels

Domed Badges and Domed Labels

Product and company branding is a key part of designing and successfully marketing a product. It is essential that your logo stands out from the rest. So, what better way than a 3D domed badge!

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GSM Graphic Arts can manufacture all your domed label requirements. Our 40 years manufacturing experience enables us to produce domed labels using a selection of materials to ensure we can meet all your product branding requirements.

At GSM we can either screen or digitally print your logo onto; plastic, aluminium or stainless steel creating a bright, bold and colourful design. This is then covered with a clear, high gloss polyurethane resin which provides the bubble badge effect creating a high quality prestige badge to promote your product.

With the ability to produce the domed badges with a suitable adhesive and material to ensure their durability for different applications a domed label can be used in most industries including; marine, catering and refrigeration, medical, electronics and music industry.

Our 40 years of experience gives us the capability to produce your domed badges with UV stability do that they can be used for outdoor applications. Customers who use our domed badges outdoors stick them on products such as; lawn mowers, vehicles and bicycles

So for a durable yet eye catching, hard-wearing and robust product branding means a domed label may be the answer for you.

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