Bubble Badges

Bubble Badges

Domed emblems or bubble badges are 3D domes that can really set your product apart from the rest.

The bubble badge is sometimes underestimated in the 3D visual impact it can have on your product because of its inexpensive price tag. This economical option for a quality logo badge uses crystal clear polyurethane resin to leave a raised surface on a printed label creating a globe effect label.

Bubble badges can be either screen printed, for larger quantities or digitally printed for lower volume or if you require a photographic image printing. Our capabilities mean we can print chrome inks that give the badge a metallic and quality image.

Domed bubble badges can be used internally and externally as branding badges which makes them suitable for use in markets such as sports & leisureenvironmental & energy and catering & refrigeration.

For more information regarding our bubble badge capabilities please click the link below to view our bubble badge product page or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to contact one of our technical sales team.

Domed Badges
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