Digitally printed anodised aluminium labels

Digitally printed anodised aluminium labels

Digitally printing anodised aluminium labels is a unique process which enables multi-coloured images to be printed into the pre-anodised surface of the aluminium which is then sealed to provide a hard wearing and solvent resistant finish.

As the inks are digitally printed into the surface of the anodised aluminium labels GSM is able to reproduce photographic quality images and unique detail such as sequential numbering and barcodes as well as multi-colour control panels and fascia’s.

Our ‘Print into Metal’ digital printing provides a durable finish that has been tested for a minimum of 5 years UV durability and so is suitable for both exterior and interior applications.

Anodised aluminium is just one of the comprehensive range of bespoke labelling processes offered by GSM Graphic Arts. From roll form vinyl labels to screen printed Polyester overlays, etched stainless steel nameplates to metal enclosures, resin domed logo badges to 3D embossed aluminium logos, GSM provides a complete one-stop service with experience gained from 40 years in UK manufacturing.

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