GSM provides solution for secret until lit, touch sensor panel.

GSM provides solution for secret until lit, touch sensor panel.

We recently met with a water boiler manufacturer whose need was to provide a solution for the product they intended to release however, the idea of having a touch sensitive panel covering the capacitive switches was proving difficult for them to achieve.

GSM Graphic Arts offered to print a secret until lit black acrylic control panel to cover the touch sensitive electronic panel manufactured by the customer. As the panel needed to be fixed to the electronics, a suitable adhesive was essential for affixing the panel.

In order to demonstrate to the customer how this would work we visited to test the application. We had acrylic panels reverse printed with varying densities of translucent inks to test on the prototype unit in order to establish the best effect when the rear mounted leds were illuminated. The touch screen was not affected or compromised with the inks that we used on the acrylic panel and therefore the customer was very happy that GSM had found a solution to their problem.

As we did for this customer, we have the capability to print and laser cut on both plastic and metal which makes manufacturing prototypes before production batches not only possible but economical too.

Whilst testing the acrylic panels with the customer it became apparent that they were in need of some domed logo badges for their products. The customer was unaware that we also produced these and was keen to get all business to one supplier, GSM.

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