Have you considered Nameplates Made from Brass?

Have you considered Nameplates Made from Brass?

GSM produces brass nameplates which are used in a number of applications including logo badges, serial labels and rating plates.

Our nameplates made from brass are typically used for a traditional, vintage look and are popular for use on garden furniture and outdoor buildings as well as engineering mechanical products.

The text detail can be either surface printed, as a cost effective but less durable method of producing them, or etched and infilled with a paint to provide an extremely durable nameplate. For exterior applications the nameplates would be sprayed with a clear over lacquer for durability and to avoid tarnishing of the brass from the environment.

We can sequentially number the nameplates for asset tags and serial number plates and this can be achieved by laser marking or stamping the number on the finished nameplate.

A range of permanent self-adhesive tapes can be supplied on the rear of the brass nameplate for a convenient method of fixing or fixing holes can be punched in pre-determined positions to align with the holes in the product for an alternative fixing to the end product.

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