Polycarbonate labels for use in industrial applications

Polycarbonate labels for use in industrial applications

The general perception of polycarbonate labels may be that they are not as durable of robust as metal labels however at GSM Graphic Arts we use manufacturing methods to create a durable and long lasting finish suitable for any application.

At our factory we have produced polycarbonate labels manufactured in the UK for over 4 decades. With our continued investment into the latest technology combined with our experienced and dedicated team we can offer hard wearing polycarbonate labels that can be used in harsh environments.

To achieve the durability suitable for the use within markets such as; marine, security & surveillance or catering & refrigeration we offer manufacturing methods that can withstand the elements. Durability is created by under-surface printing the polycarbonate labels which leaves the material as protection for the printed ink.

Digitally printing the polycarbonate means that we can include variable information such as serial numbers and barcodes. These are useful when tracking equipment or products. Using a barcode can make the process of tracking very quick and efficient saving time and resources. We have the capability to laser cut labels once they are printed. Using both of these methods avoids origination costs and therefore are suitable for lower volume or prototype orders.

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