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Plastic Labels
Plastic Labels

Plastic Labels

Plastic Labels

As the UK’s leading label manufacturer, GSM Graphic Arts offer an extensive range of plastics including polyester and polycarbonate to enable us to manufacture your plastic labels to any specification.

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Plastic labels offer an unrivaled flexibility and are capable of being used within a wide range of applications. Whether it be an industrial, under the surface printed polycarbonate label that is suitable for the catering & refrigeration industry or a vinyl warning label that is used within many industries to inform and advise of dangers, plastic labels are flexible and can be used for a vast range of applications.

A Wide Variety Of Printed Plastic Labels From GSM Graphic Arts

For over 40 years, GSM Graphic Arts have heavily focused in the training of their team and invested in the latest equipment to ensure we are capable of manufacturing any plastic label in bulk to meet your requirements. Our team are capable of providing weatherproof labels that can be either digitally printed or silkscreen printed, depending on your specifications, and are also able to provide a label suitable for exterior applications including the marine and offshore industry and outdoor lighting. For more information about our printed label capabilities, visit our page about outdoor weatherproof labels.

For the medical and catering industries, GSM Graphic Arts are able to under surface print onto the plastic to provide a solvent and chemical resistant face to your specialist label, ensuring the product stays as hygienic as possible.When coupled with an adhesive, plastic labels are sometimes referred to as ‘sticky labels’. Adding adhesive to plastic labels creates a self-adhesive label that we can tailor to your exact requirements so that it will adhere strongly and effectively to a wide range of materials.

Bespoke Polyester Labels From GSM Graphic Arts

If you need help with the design of the plastic labels, we will guide you through every step to ensure it fits your product perfectly. Our plastic labels are of very high quality and will provide a professional quality finish to your product. Whilst the plastic labels are protective; they will also give your product an enhanced professional look.

At GSM Graphic Arts, our professionals are on hand to ensure that the plastic labels you receive are a product that will surpass your expectations and are delivered in the timeframe that you require. We also take great pride in ensuring we fully understand your product brief, so we are able to provide the very best plastic labels for your project.

Contact GSM Graphic Arts For Plastic Labels

By using a variety of materials, thickness and finishes, GSM Graphic Arts can manufacture plastic labels to suit all applications, no matter how complex. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you produce the perfect polyester or polycarbonate label for your project, please feel free to get in touch with our dedicated team on 01845 522 184, or alternatively you can request a quotation online today and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly.

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