The History Of Labels

The History Of Labels

Have you ever considered where labels actually originate from? Well, wonder no longer, as our infographic on The History of Labels takes a closer look at everything you could ever want to know about the origins of labels, and their development throughout the years.

Some of the key highlights from the infographic include:

  • The first known uses of labels back in the 1700s
  • How the invention of the paper machine and lithography changed label manufacturing
  • Some of the reason’s product manufacturers were keen to introduce coloured labels to their products
  • How the self-adhesive label became one of the best-selling labels of all time
  • Why the introduction of barcode labels was so significant
  • Background to when smart labels were introduced and their importance to the future of labels

Check out our handy infographic, which highlights the humble beginnings of labels and takes you on a journey throughout label history, bringing us right up to date with the labels we have become accustomed to today. Read on below!

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