Anti-bacterial Push Plates

Anti-Bacterial Push Plates Case Study

Digitally Printed and Anodised Aluminium

GSM has been working with a manufacturer of washroom products in order to develop anodised aluminium anti-bacterial push plates for use on washroom doors.

Even though more of the washroom products are being made to operate ‘hands free’ the door still needs to be opened manually and therefore there is a requirement for anti bacterial push plates to prevent bateria being transferred from a door handle or push plate onto clean hands.

The anti bacterial push plates are produced from 1mm aluminium which is pre-anodised, digitally printed with the customer’s logo, and sealed to provide a full colour image which is hard wearing and extremely durable. The push plates are then coated with a SeriTouch anti-bacterial lacquer to provide long lasting protection.

The anti bacterial push plates have been tried and tested in high profile locations and have been successful in achieving the required results. Therefore the concept would also be suitable for Medical applications such as hospitals, health centres and dental surgeries as well as hotels and leisure centres, in fact most public buildings will have a requirement for this type of product.

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