Weatherproof Outdoor Labels

Outdoor Labels Case Study

Uv Stable Outdoor Labels

Following a request by one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of grass cutting and ground keeping machinery GSM’s range of label processes have been through accelerated weather testing enabling us to offer weatherproof outdoor labels with confidence.

The testing requirement is for UV weathering performance of various adhesive coloured films for photostability trials in accordance with ASTM G155 : 2006 for which the printed substrates are required to retain good colour stability for a period of at least 5 years.

This is based on the test requirements of ANSI B71.4 for decal durability which refers to either of the following test methods: a) Real time exterior exposure for weatherability usingFloridaor Arizona Test Climates  b) Carbon Arc testing for 2000 hours in accordance with ASTM G23  c) Xenon Arc testing in accordance with ASTM G26 (replaced by ASTM G155)

Controlled irradiance filtered Xenon Arc testing was chosen as the preferred test method as this would provide superior correlation to the full sunlight spectrum from 290 to 800nm.

Following the success of these trials GSM can supply digitally printed and silkscreen printed plastic labels & overlays, domed badges and anodised aluminium nameplates and signs to meet your requirement for weatherproof outdoor labels suitable for all exterior applications.

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