CLP Regulations

CLP Regulations

CLP is a regulatory framework for the classification and labelling of substances and mixtures in the EU. It is based on an international agreement known as the Globally Harmonised Systems (GHS).

With the CLP legislation now a legal requirement, companies need to ensure that all hazardous chemicals and pharmaceuticals are labelled correctly. The Classification, Labelling & Packaging (CLP) regulations took effect in June 2015 to ensure a unified labelling system, which is understandable by the all UN members.

Labels must also be suitable and able to withstand heat and humidity along with huge shifts in temperature. GSM manufacture labels that comply with this requirement. Due to the bespoke nature of these requirements GSM will be working with their customers to ensure that durable and hard wearing labels are present with all of the correct CLP information on them.

Through our extensive range of capabilities, you can be sure that GSM will provide a solution to your CLP compliant labels, whether it be a plastic self-adhesive label or an anodised aluminium label or etched stainless steel, we will manufacture the durable CLP labels to your bespoke specification.

For further information on how we may help your company stay compliant with the CLP regulations please click here or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to speak with a member of our technical sales team.