Metal Labels and Metal Nameplates

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Metal Labels

Metal Labels and Metal Nameplates

Metal Labels & Metal Nameplates

GSM Graphic Arts is capable of working with a large variety of different metals, including aluminium, stainless steel and brass. We can manufacture all your metal label and metal nameplate requirements.

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With over 40 years of manufacturing experience GSM offers a range of processes to enable us to produce metal labels and metal nameplates with a finish to meet your specification. These processes include anodised aluminium labels, etched stainless steel nameplates and etched brass nameplates, all suitable for a range of applications.

Anodised aluminium labels are used where a durable, hard wearing and scuff resistant finish is required. We can either screen print or digitally print the required graphics, both of which options are sealed within the surface of the aluminium. GSM can also produce metal labels and metal nameplates with unique identification details for use as serial number rating plates and rugged barcode labels.

Etched stainless steel nameplates are suitable for the harshest of environments such as the Oil & Gas industry and off shore applications. The etched detail can be paint infilled if required however the fact that it is etched into the surface of the metal means that it will remain legible for many years to come.

Brass nameplates now tends to be used for more traditional applications such as garden furniture and so GSM has maintained the process to ensure that we continue to offer a full metal label and metal nameplate range. As with the stainless steel nameplates, the text detail is etched into the surface of the brass and paint infilled as required.

Please call us on 01845 522 184 in order to discuss your new and existing metal label or metal nameplate projects. Alternatively, you can request a brochure and sample pack.