Quality Industrial Labels

Quality Industrial Labels

As a manufacturer of industrial labels for over 40 years, GSM Graphic Arts can offer a vast range of robust and durable options.

Anodised aluminium can be used as a high performance label for many industries including; outdoor, energy and environmental. Because of its durability, anodised aluminium is the perfect solution for these industries and many others when looking for an outdoor label. Coupled with either fixing holes or an extremely strong adhesive, aluminium offers the perfect solution as an industrial label.

Stainless steel labels are useful for customers in the marine and offshore markets that require an extremely durable nameplate or outdoor label that lasts whilst under unpredictable and harsh weather conditions. Chemically etching the detail on the plate removes a layer from the stainless steel which can then either be left natural or it can be infilled with paint to provide a vibrant and colourful industrial label.

As a plastic alternative we can offer printed polyester or polycarbonate industrial labels that have been under-surface printed to provide maximum durability for the ink. These offer an alternative to metal industrial labels which can be used outdoors and also in marine environments.

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