Everything You Need to Know About Weatherproof Labels

Everything You Need to Know About Weatherproof Labels

Labels are crucial across many different industries. Labels are used to display warnings, instructions and safety notices, so workers and members of the general public are aware of hazards and are better informed of their surroundings. Therefore, it’s vital that labels – particularly those used to convey critical information – are hardwearing, long-lasting and able to withstand continued use in various weather conditions.

Labels that fade or become distorted can cause serious problems, particularly if the label’s function displays vital safety information on machinery or dangerous equipment. At GSM Graphic Arts, we manufacture a wide range of weatherproof labels ideal for outdoor applications. Today we’ll take a closer look at our weatherproof labels, how they work and why they are the perfect choice for outdoor applications.


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What Makes a Label Weatherproof?

Weatherproof labels are resistant to all forms of weather conditions, like sunshine, rain, snow and wind. When designed for outdoor or rugged use, the materials used must be reliable and perform under even the most extreme conditions.

Depending on the application, weatherproof labels can be made from several different materials or undergo processes that aid their weatherproofing properties. Three of the most popular types of weatherproof labels are:

Anodised Aluminium Labels

The anodising process – which involves electrically charging aluminium with a sulphuric acid solution to open the pores of the metal – allows for ink to be printed into the aluminium rather than just onto its surface before sealing. Anodised labels are an excellent choice for weatherproof applications as the ink cannot be worn away by exposure to the elements.

Screen or Digitally Printed Domed Labels

Domed labels can be screen or digitally printed onto plastic or aluminium. The labels are then covered with a clear, high gloss polyurethane resin, giving the label its domed effect. Domed labels have UV stability, making them ideal for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight is a concern.

Plastic Labels

Plastic labels are a cost-effective method for achieving weatherproofing and are particularly popular for safety warning labels. In addition, we test all our labels to ANSI specifications for UV durability, guaranteeing legibility for a minimum of five years.

Weatherproof labels are available as self-adhesive or with fixing holes, allowing for versatile adhesion to any outdoor surface or equipment.

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Where Can Weatherproof Labels Be Used?

Weatherproof labels see extended use across all manner of outdoor machinery, gardens and grounds, sheds, outbuildings, fences and farm equipment. All these applications need labels that bad weather conditions will not wear down. Weatherproof labels can serve as both functional and informative or for brand identity purposes.

Weatherproof Labels for Safety

Dangerous machinery must be appropriately labelled to prevent misuse and accidents. For machines that operate outdoors, weatherproof labels are an absolute must-have for safety and hazard notices, ensuring they remain legible and stuck down to the surface of the equipment, regardless of how harsh the weather conditions are.

You will often find our anodised aluminium weatherproof labels used on sheds and fencing as an efficient method for providing information to workers and members of the public.

Weatherproof Labels for Branding

Where brand identity in outdoor conditions is concerned, domed labels are well suited for applying logos to rugged applications like farming equipment and lawnmowers. Domed labels are the perfect outdoor solution for a durable and eye-catching label that will withstand harsh UV rays and remain legible after adverse weather conditions like rain and snow.

We also offer a range of logo badges for retaining brand identity on equipment listed above or any other product that is likely to see outdoor use, where a domed label is not favourable. These logo badges are comprised of pre-spaced individual letters in colours or metallic finishes to match your brand requirements. We can manufacture these badges from various materials, which are then shaped to form the logo in a 3D image. The badges are supplied to you pre-spaced and ready for assembly with an easy-peel release liner.


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Weatherproof Labels from GSM Graphic Arts

At GSM Graphic Arts, we are one of the UK’s largest label manufacturers of high-quality labelling products. We can provide you with everything you need, including specialist labels, nameplates, asset labels, custom decals, graphic overlays and weatherproof labels.

We only use premium techniques to manufacture our products, with a range of processes and high-quality metals and plastics to ensure all our labels are fit for purpose and will stand the test of time. Whatever labelling solution you require, we are sure to have something suitable for your requirements.

With our program of continual investment, we can offer you a vast range of innovative products such as digitally printed anodised labels. With this innovative technique, we can create complex multi-coloured images and sequential barcodes on a label’s surface, resulting in a highly durable product. When you invest in weatherproof labels from GSM Graphic Arts, you benefit from our investment and continual improvement in everything we do, receiving the best quality products at competitive prices.

If you would like to learn more about our weatherproof labels, contact us today, and we will get back to you.