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Catering labels
Catering Labels

Catering Labels

Catering Equipment Labels

GSM Graphic Arts can work with a variety of materials and are capable of producing durable and long-lasting catering labels. Having manufactured catering equipment labels for over 45 years, we understand the varying requirements that need to be considered and work with processes and materials that will produce the most efficient and long-lasting catering labels.

  • Efficient & long-lasting
  • Digital or screen printing options
  • Bespoke variable information can be printed
  • Metal & plastic options available
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    Durable Catering Equipment Labels

    The catering and refrigeration industry have a wide variety of products that will need equipment labels. From graphic overlays that control refrigerator temperatures to branding logo badges for ovens, there is a wide range available, and at GSM we manufacture products using a wide range of materials which will compliment your catering equipment labels.

    Metal Catering Labels

    As a manufacturer of catering equipment, a rating plate or logo badge can often be required on the products once they are produced. GSM Graphic Arts manufactures these catering labels using both aluminium and stainless steel. Digitally printing the catering labels onto aluminium will produce a multi-coloured logo and can also include variable information, for example, a serial number commonly used for asset tracking of tray racks. Stainless steel catering labels tend to be more durable to the harsh washing that catering equipment is usually subjected to. Stainless steel catering labels are chemically etched and infilled to ensure that the label is heat resistant and water-resistant.

    Plastic Catering Labels

    Control panels or graphic overlays can be manufactured as catering equipment labels using polycarbonate as a base material which is then under the surface printed and can include embossed control buttons and varying windows dependant on your design. Windows that can be included can be translucent coloured windows, LED windows, fully clear windows or secret until lit. Using windows within the plastic catering label adds a layer of protection to the electronics underneath and prevents water or cleaning solutions from damaging them.

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    Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss in detail your catering label enquiry or request a free brochure that comes with various samples that are suitable for your application. Our team of friendly staff are always happy to help, you can call us on 01845 552 184 or email Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form.

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