Catering labels
Catering Labels

Catering Labels

Catering Equipment Labels

At GSM, we are the UK’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and producers of durable metal and plastic catering equipment labels.

With over 45 years’ experience working with the refrigeration and catering sector, we know what it takes to produce the most durable, high-performance and long-lasting product possible.

  • Efficient & long-lasting
  • Digital or screen printing options
  • Bespoke variable information can be printed
  • Metal & plastic options available
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From quotation to delivery, our team of experts are on hand to assist you with all your catering labelling requirements, having worked closely with the catering sector since 1974.

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If possible, please confirm the quantity required, size, colours and the application of the label. If you’re uncertain of the exact details at this time, simply provide as much detail as you can — we’d be happy to advise you on the best options to meet your needs.


    Our Catering Equipment Labels: Bespoke, Resilient & High Performance

    Leading Processes and Durable, Bespoke Labelling Solutions for the Catering Industry

    The catering and refrigeration industry have a wide variety of needs that require hard-wearing, heavy-duty equipment labels.

    From graphic overlays that control refrigerator temperatures to branded logo badges for ovens, we manufacture and supply products using a range of industry-leading processes and materials to best serve your specific needs.

    Metal Labels

    A rating plate or logo badge can often be required on products once they are produced. Our range of catering labels includes both aluminium and stainless steel options. Our experienced team will work with you to decide which would be best for your application. 

    Digitally printing the catering labels onto aluminium allows for a multi-coloured logo to appear alongside important product information — for example, a serial number used for asset tracking of tray racks. 

    In the catering industry, equipment is often subject to harsh washing. Here, stainless steel labels may be better suited. These are chemically etched and infilled to ensure that the label is both heat and water resistant — a strong, hard-wearing option.

    Plastic Labels

    Control panels or graphic overlays can be manufactured as catering equipment labels using polycarbonate as a base material, which is then printed under the surface. This can include embossed control buttons or varying windows depending on your specific design. 

    Using windows within the plastic catering label adds a layer of protection to the electronic displays underneath. This can prevent water or cleaning solution damage, prolonging the life of your equipment. You can choose from translucent coloured windows, LED windows, fully clear windows or secret until lit.

    Contact GSM Graphic Arts: Leading Suppliers of Durable Labels

    With a state-of-the-art range of processes — the product of over 45 years’ expertise — we’re ideally equipped to meet all your labelling needs, whatever your market sector.

    To get started, either fill in our request a quote form, email or call us on 01845 522 184. One of our team will be happy to discuss the best solution for your needs and application.

    You can also request a brochure and sample pack — we would be happy to send you a free sample pack outlining our comprehensive range of materials, processes and finishes.

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