Industrial Labels

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Industrial Labels

Industrial Labels

GSM Graphic Arts is the UK’s leading industrial label manufacturer with the capability of producing both metal labels and plastic labels to suit a wide range of industrial label applications.

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Industrial labels such as plastic labels and graphic overlays are generally used in all market sectors for warning labels, serial number rating plates, control panels and product branding. GSM can produce both high definition digital printing and silkscreen printing depending on your industrial label requirements. We offer PVC, Polycarbonate and Polyester in a range of thicknesses and finishes to suit all industrial applications.

Etched stainless steel, etched brass and anodised aluminium are suitable for harsher industrial label applications as the text detail is ingrained into the material rather than printed on the surface. Industry sectors using these types of nameplates include Oil & Gas, Military Products, Refrigeration & Catering and Outdoor Products. Using these processes GSM can offer serial number and rating plates, barcode labels, control panels and product branding.

Manufactured roll labels from GSM Graphic Arts are suitable for high volume, low cost industrial label applications and are used widely in the Electronics & Assembly, Warehousing & Logistics and Washroom Services industry sectors. Industrial labels are perfectly suited for use as warning labels and serial number rating plates which are supplied in roll form, either pre-printed or ready for in-house thermal transfer printing of unique data.

Domed badges, superdome scripted decals and vinyl cut logos offer quality product branding options suitable for a wide range in products from Electronics, Audio Visual & Lighting to Washroom Services and Outdoor Products. We also offer digital printing, anodised aluminium and acrylic to give a wide choice of finishes for your industrial labels from a single source.

Military protractors, acrylic scales and map reading instruments can be produced to your specification. GSM offers a full engineering service to supply scales and gauges complete with fixings ready for any industrial label application.

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