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Product Labels & Custom Printing

GSM have been specialist product label manufacturers for over 40 years, working with customers to manufacture product labels that inform, advise, and instruct the user, all whilst promoting your product.

  • Metal & Plastic options available
  • Digital or silkscreen printing
  • Particularly suitable for exterior applications
  • Durable & hard-wearing
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Do you need durable, bespoke product labels?

We’re keen to assist with your labelling requirement so please either complete the form below or email us with your enquiry and we’ll reply with a quotation.

Ideally please confirm the quantity required, size, colours and the application of the label. However if you’re uncertain of the exact details then please give as much detail as you can and we’d be happy to advise on the best option accordingly.


    We Understand the Importance of Product Labels

    When we work with you to produce customised product labels, our first and most important aim is to understand your business, branding and product application. There are four main areas we must consider and discuss with our clients at length to ensure we manufacture the best labels for your products:

    Brand Continuity

    The colours, design, font, and logos must match your brand exactly. This helps you build brand identity and recognition from customers. We have colour matching and printing software that can ensure the colours created will be 100% matched to your brand.

    Well-Presented & User-Friendly Messaging

    Quite often, product labels need to contain messaging and information that is important to the user. Information such as ingredients or user instructions need to be contained on the label. We can recommend the correct label sizing and ensure this information is printed in a high-quality and easy to read manner.

    Durability & Longevity

    Certain product labels need to stand the test of time. Unlike vinyl point of sale labels that often get immediately peeled off, some product labels add value to the products and must remain in situ for the products’ entire duration of use. We can make sure product labels have excellent longevity and durability, so the label quality also stands the test of time. Quite often choosing the correct label material is vital for success in this area.

    Quality: First Impressions Count

    While is it essential to find a cost-effective solution to your product labelling, you don’t have to compromise on quality. First impressions count and as a result your product label needs to reflect the level of quality that your brand and products deserve.

    UK-Manufactured Product Labels to Meet Your Exact Needs

    Our UK-manufactured product labels are made-to-order, so we can customise your labels to meet specific requirements. Following your brief and requirements we can produce product labels that will be sure to catch the eye of your customers. Not only can we manufacture labels with complete brand matching, from design to the colours used, we can recommend the best material for your product labels based on the intended application of the product. For example, if you need product labels for outdoor use or for more high-end labelling, we can recommend polycarbonate weatherproof labels or product nameplates made from aluminium, brass or many other materials. We are more than happy to discuss product label materials and finishes with you.

    One of Our Popular Choices for External Applications…

    Aluminium product labels, a popular choice of our customers, can be mechanically processed and punched so they have all the required windows to function with your product. Digitally printing into the pores of the labels enables us to reproduce multi-coloured images that are anodised to provide a hard wearing and durable finish suitable for outdoor applications.

    We Proudly Offer a Wide Range of Labels to Use for Your Products

    Essentially all the label and name plates mentioned on this website can be used as product labels. We have many years of experience manufacturing labels for different applications and industries.

    High Quality Product Label Printing & Cutting Techniques by UK-Leading Manufacturers

    We also use complex and cutting-edge techniques. Laser cut product labels are a cost-effective way to manufacture specialist labels that require mechanical slots without the tooling charges. It also enables us to produce labels that are extraordinarily shaped and adds fine cutting detail to your labels.

    For more information about our product label capabilities please call us on 01845 522 184.

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