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Product Labels

Product Labels

Product Label Manufacturers

For over 40 years GSM has been working with customers to manufacture product labels that inform, advise and instruct the user, all whilst promoting your product.

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Customised Product Labels to Meet Your Exact Needs

Our product labels are made to order and therefore we can meet all of your specific and original requirements.

Aluminium product labels manufactured from GSM Graphic Arts can be mechanically processed and punched so they have all the required windows to function with your product. Digitally printing into the pores of the aluminium product labels enables us to reproduce multi-coloured images that are anodised to provide a hard wearing and durable finish suitable for outdoor applications.

A Wide Range of Product Labels

Essentially all the label and name plates mentioned on this website can be used as product labels. We have many years of experience manufacturing product labels for different applications and industries. We can help you select the best product lable material, style, finish and design so that your products stand out and so your labels essentially outlive the longevity of the product itself.

We also use complex and cutting edge techniques. Laser cut product labels are a cost effective way to manufacture specialist labels that require mechanical slots without the tooling charges. It also enables us to produce labels that are extraordinarily shaped and adds fine cutting detail to your product labels.

For more information about our product label capabilities please call us on 01845 522 184.

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