GSM is an Approved Military Protractor Manufacturer

GSM was identified by a client as an Official MOD Approved Manufacturer of Military Protractors. We were tasked with a difficult challenge…

This particular protractor hadn’t been sourced for over 10 years and no drawings or artworks were available, however we were given a sample to work from.

The sample was identified as a British Military issue One Arm Scale with a 3mm Extruded Acrylic body, 20,000 Mils Graduation Unit, 0 to 1300 Mils both sides scale. This particular artillery protractor was also fitted with a Pivoting 3mm Extruded Acrylic Arm complete with Brass fitments.

GSM is able to produce this type of protractor by digitally printing the two colour scale on both sides of 3mm clear extruded acrylic which is then laser cut to profile, providing clean cut polished edges. The brass fittings were produced in house using GSM’s comprehensive inhouse engineering capability and the part assembled and supplied complete with protective coating.

Due to GSM’s digital printing and laser cutting capability we were able to produce finished pre-production samples of the military protractor for approval without commitment to tooling costs which were subsequently approved and production orders placed.

If you have a specific requirement for an acrylic artillery protractor then please contact our Sales Team on +44(0)1845 522184 to discuss your enquiry further or click here to request a quotation.