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Product Nameplates

Product Nameplates

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of product nameplates.

We offer a complete one-stop service for the design and production of nameplates, including digitally printed anodised aluminium — a particularly popular, robust and durable option.

Having provided solutions for all industry sectors, trust our team’s experience and leading processes for your next project.

  • Durable & hard-wearing
  • Digital or silkscreen printing
  • Particularly suitable for exterior applications
  • Metal & plastic options available
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We’re committed to product quality and customer service. All of our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008, the highest standards of British manufacturing.

Tell us a little more about your project below, including details about quantity, size, colour and application of your nameplates. If you’re unsure of a few things, our team would be happy to assist and advise.


    What Are Product Nameplates And What Are They Used For?

    Nameplates are commonly used for equipment branding, asset management and product identification or marking. Their use spans many sectors, including (but not limited to) sports and outdoor, warehousing, electronics and assembly, washroom, catering and medical. They can contain brand logos, serial codes and other variable data.

    In certain environments, such as those listed above, these nameplates need to withstand abrasion, scratches, extremes of temperature, adverse weather, salt spray or even solvents. This can require a robust, long-lasting and often aesthetically pleasing solution.

    After almost 50 years of continuous investment and innovation, we’re delighted to offer our customers the benefit of the latest technology, equipment and processes for manufacturing their nameplates, ensuring a solution of the very highest quality.

    Quality Materials and Processes for a Robust, Long-lasting Solution

    We offer a variety of colours, materials and finishes to enable us to provide a durable, aesthetically-pleasing solution that’s bespoke to your application.

    • Digitally printed anodised aluminium: By digitally printing onto anodised aluminium, this popular solution seals your design beneath an incredibly durable and robust anodic oxide layer, providing resistance to scratches and abrasion. For asset management, your nameplates can be serialised. Digital printing also enables us to reproduce photograph imagery, including full colour logos. By not incurring any setup costs, this process is ideal for smaller production runs and prototyping.
    • Etched stainless steel: We also offer stainless steel nameplates with either a bright annealed or brushed finish. The material can be etched and infilled with bright and bold colours that match your company branding. Alternatively, we can simply etch away the surface to leave natural detail.
    • Laser cut or digitally printed plastic: Polycarbonate and polyester are two popular materials for plastic nameplates. These can be laser cut for smaller volumes and prototype parts. Alternatively, for a high-quality definition and for housing serial numbers and other variable data, we can digitally print onto durable polycarbonate. Both laser cutting and digital printing are under-surface processes, providing a barrier to the ink and producing a durable, hard-wearing solution.

    These nameplates can be manufactured to a range of sizes and thicknesses depending on your requirements, with adhesive or holes for fixing.

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    We’ve been producing bespoke product nameplates for all sectors since 1974. To enlist our experience and expertise for your next project, fill in our request a quote form.

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