Labels that last!

In order to be confident that the label specifications we offer meet with our customers requirements GSM has tested the UV weathering performance of various printed substrates used for outdoor labels.

The test was carried out by an external registered testing company who tested the UV weathering performance of various printed materials for photostability trials in accordance with ASTM G155:2013.

Printed outdoor labels are required to retain good colour stability for a period of at least 5 years based on the test requirements of ANSI B71.4 for decal durability.

Xenon Arc testing in accordance with ASTM G26 (replaced by ASTM G155) was chosen as the preferred test method.

The testing totalled 2000 hours exposure to intense xenon arc light in accordance with the standard, undergoing a controlled cycle of light & dark with temperature variants and water spray, during which the samples were inspected at 250 hour intervals under controlled light conditions.

The success of this test enables GSM to confidently recommend the most suitable materials and printing process for your particular outdoor labelling requirements in order to ensure that your labels and fascia’s are UV durable and will withstand outdoor conditions without discolouration or fade for a minimum of 5 years.

If you would like to see a detailed copy of the Test Report or have an outdoor labelling requirement that you would like to discuss then please call our Sales Team on 01845 522184 or click here to request a quotation.