Embossed Aluminium Badges

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Embossed Aluminium
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Embossed Aluminium Badges

Raise your product branding with a 3D embossed aluminium badge.

If you are looking for a prestigious logo label which compliments your high quality products then GSM’s 3D embossed aluminium badges will exceed your expectations.

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GSM’s embossed aluminium badges offer an impressive choice of finishes including polished, brushed, diamond-cut or even coloured logos raised out of a printed background. Alternatively the text can be recessed with the edges of the aluminium badge embossed to create a raised plinth effect for your 3D logo badges.

All printed colours are matched to your specification to ensure an accurate reproduction of your logo and the embossed badges can be lacquered to provide a hard wearing and durable finish.

We offer embossed aluminium labels with a self-adhesive backing selected to suit your particular application.

Our embossed aluminium badges provide a very high quality and durable 3D logo option suitable for a wide range of products including Audio Visual, Instrumentation, Catering and Electronic Products.

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