Aluminium VS Stainless Steel

With many conflicting ideas of metal and its characteristics it can be confusing when deciding whether anodised aluminium or etched stainless steel would be better suited to different applications.

This is why we have a dedicated metal preparation team, who have over 75 years’ experience at GSM Graphic Arts solving and fulfilling all of your metal label and nameplate requirements.

GSM’s two most popular metal nameplates are anodised aluminium and etched Stainless Steel. The rivalry between the two is evident, whilst aluminium can be offered digitally printed, anodised and in ‘malleable’ foil form, stainless steel brings to the table a variety of finishes including, etching and filling, surface printing, stamping and engraving. Stainless steel can laser etch serial numbers and variable information whereas aluminium can digitally print variable information. Our metal preparation team are always on hand to ensure that once the aluminium labels or stainless steel nameplates have been etched, printed, stamped or engraved, that they are polished or sealed to ensure your desired finish.

Both anodised aluminium and stainless steel offer a ‘polished and ‘brushed’ effect for your metal logo badges which can be used to really make sure that your company really stands out from the crowd. Both offer a ‘rigid’ and ‘hard’ exterior, especially when used as outdoor labels due to the durable printing techniques used here at GSM Graphic Arts. For labels that are required outdoor we have specialist UV inks that ensure a bright, durable label come rain or shine.

So, which metal is better suited to your application?… Call our sales team on +44 (0) 1845 522184 to discuss your metal nameplate requirements or click here to request a quotation.