Serial Number & Rating Plates Compared

Serial Number & Rating Plates Compared

If you don’t know what a serial number or rating plate is, then you might not know the reasons why your industry needs them. Alternatively, if you’re already in the market for these plates then this article will thoroughly explain their uses and qualities in a variety of situations.

What is the Difference Between a Serial Number Plate and a Rating Plate?

The two names can be used interchangeably to refer to the same product. The only difference might be that a serial number plate’s main priority is to include the serial number by which a product or item is identified, whereas a rating plate is more concerned with providing extra pieces of information that can also be used to identify the product, but may not necessarily be considered a serial number.

What is a Serial Number Plate or Rating Plate?

These plates can be understood, quite literally, as plates which carry serial numbers referring to a product or item. This is the defining feature of a serial number plate, but it doesn’t restrict the plate to carrying only that information; as well as serial numbers, they can also communicate extra details like product names, company names, addresses and more if there is space remaining on the plate. With this extra information, a serial number plate is more likely to be referred to as a rating plate.

These plates can also include information like energy efficiency, fuse types, and other similar gradings that might help an individual to better understand the precise functions of the product.

What Are They Used For?

These plates are used to help identify and catalogue products on the manufacturer’s end, but they can also help the purchaser to source pieces for the item’s repair in the future, ascertain how long they have had the item and whether it is still within warranty, and even how to use it in terms of electrical specifications.

Serial Number & Rating Plates

Where Do These Plates Go?

They can be placed pretty much anywhere on a product, but many manufacturers’ like the plate to be in a place that is non-obstructive and doesn’t make any kind of impact on the visual image of their product. For example, many rating plates for ovens are hidden on the inside of the door which is a great place to put unassuming information without hindering the product’s design. On the other hand, this now means that the oven’s rating plate will need to be able to withstand high temperatures, which is where it becomes important for companies to source great quality serial number and rating plates which achieve the aims that the manufacturers set out for their products.

What Kinds of Environments Can a Rating Plate Withstand?

Like the oven scenario described in the section above, rating plates can be expected to withstand harsh environments. The type of plate that you will require could change dependant on your expectations for its environment; for example, we can provide plates which are made to withstand severe environments, chemical cleansing or harsh weathers, but we will need some insight regarding the plate’s expected environment before we can suggest which plate types would best suit your needs.

Our Plates

For various aspects of the catering industry, we recommend simple plastic serial number rating plates with water-resistant coatings to endure harsh washing. If your plates will be subjected to harsher treatments, then we also provide anodised aluminium plates for recording your information. These heavy-duty plates can be chemically etched and filled for maximum resistance against certain factors and can include adhesive or rivet holes on request.

Stainless Steel Label

It is vital that you are in close communication with your serial number & rating plate manufacturing company if you want to receive a product that succeeds your expectations for it. Not only can we offer plastic, anodised aluminium or stainless steel nameplates as the basis for your serial numbers and rating information, but we can also offer design support which is tailored to meet your needs, including adding your personalised logo to your current design.

We highly recommend that you speak to us for more information regarding your product and how we can help you to choose the perfect plate for your needs. For more information regarding our other services and products, why not request a brochure?