Hard Wearing Graphic Overlays

Hard Wearing Graphic Overlays

Choosing a plastic graphic overlay material may be difficult and you may think that a more industrial and hard-wearing you would like it to be, the less eye-catching and visually pleasing it becomes. This is not the case for our overlays at GSM!

We offer a range of durable graphic fascias and graphic overlays manufactured using Lexan HP12S are amongst the best. This material is used by the Audio industry for use as console overlays and mixing rack overlays due to it’s visual appearance, the ability to produce secret until lit windows and it’s naturally fine matt finish prevents lighting glare.

As an industrial graphic overlay manufacturer, GSM would recommend this material for it’s chemical and abrasion resistant properties making it perfect for the use in Industrial and Medical machinery applications.

For further information on our HP12S graphic fascia overlays please call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to speak with our Technical Sales team or click here to request a quotation.